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friday. weekend coming up. >> kristy is bringing on the heat. warm temperatures for you. not sweltering like other parts of the country. low 90s inland locations and plenty of sunshine concord making it to 90 today. san jose will be beautiful at 84. little cooler along the bay shores mid-60s to low 70s. seasonal temperatures for today and we'll have a look at the extended forecast a little later on over to elizabeth if with a look at traffic. golden gate bridge fine, delays into the into san rafael roadwork is the problem spot. we'll tell you about it coming up. back to you. >> thank you. a young man shot in the chest may have been a target of robbery. he is in critical condition in an east bay hospital. anne makovec is in west oakland with the search for suspects. good morning. >> reporter: this man is still
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alive but his injuries are life- threatening. if he ends up dying in the hospital, that would be the 59th murder in oakland. last year it the there were 44. so 15 more there would be if he dies. here's a look at the scene from last night. this shooting happened just before 10 p.m. on 19th avenue near adeline. it was in west oakland. he was shot in th chest. he is in his 20s. it may have been an attempted robbery. two men were seen leaving the scene. there is no description on them. oakland is no stranger to unsolved violent crime and murder including one that has people feeling raw this week. that is the killing of brother john, paris powell. he made a name for himself feeding the homeless in oakland.
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he was shot on 47th avenue this week. his pregnant wife and his young daughter wer -- were also hit. brother john was removed from life support on wednesday. the community has been reacting to this over the past 48 hours. anthony batts calls it an outrage. jean quan plans to meet with the family. show hopes this was a case of mistaken identity. -- she hopes this was a case of mistaken identity. no leads in the case. just one of many unsolved murders. there are dozens here in oakland and when you think about it that way, you can think about the fact that already a lot of murderers running around free in this city. coming up, we are going to hear a little more about how police have been trying to work smarter in the wake of budget cuts to try to round up any suspects. >> thank you. it is a cold case in
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silicon valley. woman's body has never been found. sharon chin is at the prune yard in campbell to explain how some old might bring some new answers. she joins us -- some old evidence might bring some new answer. she joins us now. >> reporter: jeanine harms was last seen leaving this shopping center in campbell 10 years ago this week. today, there is some hope in solving her case. prosecutors today are expecting a private company's extensive test results on a persian rug that was missing from jeanine's los gatos home. the test could prove whether there was a link between the 42- year-old woman and the murder suspect maurice nasmah a san jose architect. the rug was found in a dumpster a half mile from his home. two years after harms disappeared. prosecutors believe fibers from the rug match fibers in his jeep. they believe after they met at the rock bottom brewery nasmah killed harms, wrapped her in the rug and put it in his suv.
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nas mass what arrested but release the in 2007 because of the county crime lab problem testing fibers. prosecutors hope the test results expected today will prove nasmah was the killer. authorities still don't know where harms is buried sense her brother took justice into his own hands and killed nasmah and himself earlier this year at a shopping mall. the forensic lab doing the tests on the rug fibers is an illinois company. it's called microtrace. it's known for handling high- profile cases including the ted bundy serial case as well as the atlanta child murders. and today prosecutors are hoping for some results from microtrace in the jeanine harms case. back to you. >> thank you, sharon chin, live in campbell. we have been hearing a lot about this. house republicans meeting again this morning to decide on their next move in the debt ceiling debate. house speaker john boehner is going to try again to get support for his plan. he was forced to postpone yesterday's scheduled vote after he failed to round up
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enough of them. some tea party members are demanding deeper budget cuts than proposed in boehner's plan. >> i simply cannot raise the debt ceiling if we are not going to fundamentally change the way we do business. >> we are going to keep working this thing until we find a way to pay the nation's bills and live within our means. >> reporter: house minority leader nancy pelosi blames the gop for the holdup. in a statement, pelosi says, "republicans have taken us to the brink of economic chaos. the delay must and now so we can focus on the american people's top priorities, creating jobs and growing the economy." today an independent panel will likely make a final decision on the maps for redistricting our state of california. the new maps are likely to benefit democrats in congress and the legislature because of changing demographics but it's not clear whether democrats can gain the two-thirds majority they would need in sacramento to start passing tax increases.
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california citizens redistricting commission will vote on the new maps later today. iranian officials say a final hearing is scheduled for sunday in the espionage case against shane bauer and josh fattal. uc-berkeley grads claims they were hiking in neighboring iraq and accidentally crossed into unmarked borders inside iran. the men's families are taking recent comments by tehran's top prosecutor as a good sign. they are organizing a rally outside iran's united nations mission in new york. they have been for years. it would be good to get them out. a lot of events this weekend. critical mass, my friend is running a half marathon tomorrow morning. >> gilroy garlic festival. it's the weekend. doesn't matter. we all want good weather. >> even if nothing is going on, people want to set outside and enjoy the sunshine. i can deliver that for you for the next couple of days. we are seeing some clouds this morning, you can see coastline pretty cloudy right now
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starting to fill in around the bay shores. clearer though as we make our way into those inland locations around warming up nicely for the afternoon, mild start now in th 50s. livermore 57. by this afternoon, seeing those seasonal temperatures back into the picture. inland temperatures 80s and 90s. cooler at the bay shores in the mid-60s to low 70s. coastline keeping it cool with lots of cloud cover. we'll have a look at the extended forecast later on but over to elizabeth with a look at the roads. >> okay, thank you, kristy. and we'll show you our slow spots out there right now. westbound 580 no surprise. but we are starting to see our first brake lights and even red on the traffic sensors as you make your way towards 680 and the dublin interchange. drive time 15 minutes for that stretch. highway 4 slow hillcrest to loveridge. the antioch bridge looks okay but slowing through pittsburg, as well. let's show you other parts across the bay area.
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bay bridge upper deck traffic looks okay so far. no metering lights yet. so no delay behind the pay gates. and lower deck traffic you're cruising all the way into oakland. more traffic in a bit. in the meantime, back to you. >> thank you. cracked walls, bugs, dirty bathtubs. >> yikes. >> it's a bay area hotel named as one america's dirtiest. we are going to tell you which one. plus, no psychics needed. the formula that's allowing officers to predict crimes. >> and a health warning, the change johnson & johnson is making to a very popular painkiller. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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but an army private is in jail this morning, accused of plotting another attack at fort hood. a close call but an army private is in jail this morning accused of plotting another fort hood attack. private first class naser abdo had been awol for three weeks from fort campbell, kentucky. he was arrested in texas tuesday after showing up at a store to buy six pounds of gunpowder. the store clerk called police and they later found weapons inside the 21-year-old's motel room. police believe he acted alone. 6:11. san francisco police say they
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have recovered the gun used by a seattle man killed in a gun battle with officers. investigators say a neighbor in the bayview area led them to the pistol used by kenneth harding on july 16. ballistics tests show it was the same gun that killed harding. but investigators say there's still a lot of testing to do. >> that part of investigation will determine if there were fingerprints or physical evidence on the gun. >> this youtube video was taken after the gun battle. autopsy results show the suspect had likely shot himself while firing at the police. a newly disclosed letter shows alameda was warned about shelving a water rescue program more than two years before a man drowned. the city is investigating the death of a 52-year-old man who
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drowned off crown beach on memorial day. two [ indiscernible ] were pulled to save money but a leader of the firefighters union complained that the program was necessary for public safety. his letter noted that alameda is surrounded by 12 square miles water. predicting crime before it has. how the same formula that predicts earthquakes is helping police. >> this isn't your ordinary fender-bender. >> that's incredible. >> and if you are taking off out of sfo this morning maybe a long weekend, going to be great conditions out of sfo hitting ahigh of 72 today and mostly sunny skies. different heading to chicago. warmer at 86 degrees and chance of showers and thunderstorms. and also we are going to see continued chance of showers and thunderstorms for new york today 88 degrees as a high there. full look at your extended bay area forecoming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a shooting victim is being treated for life- threatening n was shot in the headlines, a shooting victim is being treated for a life threaten injuries. the man shot in west oakland last night possibly during a
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robbery. there are no suspects this morning. and today santa clara county prosecutors are expected to get private test results in a decade-old murder case. the private lab had to determine if there was a match between a rug missing from jeanine harms's home and fibers in the main suspect's car. house republicans will try to pass a debt ceiling vote before the weekend. for the second day in a row a vote was postponed yesterday as speaker boehner was still short of the votes to get it passed. a tropical storm in the gulf of mexico is moving towards southeast texas. tropical storm don has winds about 50 miles per hour. it's expected to reach land late tonight or early tomorrow and rain could bring relief to drought stricken areas. nothing like that expected here in the bay area, though, right, kristy? >> no. no wet weather here in the bay
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area. plenty of sunshine inland. overcast but blue in a few hours. bay cloudy and coastline dense patchy fog this morning. temperatures in the 50s for the most part. plenty of sunshine around the bay, temperatures mid-60s to low 70s. mostly sunny as well and at the coastline temperatures cooler. those clouds staying in the picture throughout the afternoon. showers and thunderstorms in th sierra. hot in northern california. over 100 in ukiah and chance of rain for yosemite national park and lake tahoe. neighborhood by neighborhood,
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here's your high. 84 for milpitas and for san jose. 78 for union city. palo alto and los altos 79. half moon bay 65. 90 walnut creek and danville. brentwood warmer, at 94. same for antioch and 77 today as a high in hayward. san francisco seasonal at 67. 82 for san rafael. 90 fairfield. santa rosa 10 degrees warmer topping out at 80 today. slight cooldown for our weekend but still nice warm weather. we will see those high clouds roll back in over the weekend and then a slight cooling for the start of next workweek. that's a look at weather. over to elizabeth now with a look at the roads. >> we are going to start off with highway 4. we were just noticing the drive on our sensors were extra slow especially for a friday and it turns out there's a couple of things going on. westbound 4 as you approach railroad avenue couple of cars struck some metal debris in the road so sounds like that's clearing. but there is some slow traffic behind it. and now going against the commute, eastbound highway 4
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right there at the loveridge road on-ramp there is a stalled truck and apparently it's completely blocking that on- ramp to eastbound highway 4. so yeah, kind of a couple of trouble spots right now on highway 4. otherwise the rest of the bay area looks great. we'll take you outside show you what it looks like out there. this is the nimitz, 880 through oakland past the coliseum. no problems between hayward all the way into downtown oakland. golden gate bridge, where there is some fog across the deck like usual. but things have really em proved now in the southbound lanes of 101 through novato and san rafael. they have been doing some repaving work across the stretch. roadwork ran a little later than expected this morning. for a while things were really backing up but it looks like it's better now. 12 minutes from highway 37 down to san rafael and 580 in the southbound lanes. northbound traffic cruising and mass transit everything is on time so far. so we are "friday light" as far as mass transit goes. bart, ace, muni metro and caltrain all on time. remember kcbs, our radio
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partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. we pool all our information with them. so tune to them once you hit the road. that's your traffic and weather. back to you. >> we're a team. we pool our information. >> exactly. thank you. santa cruz is the first police department in the country to use a cutting edge experimental computer program. the predictive policing program keeps track of every, single step around the clock no matter how small and uses that information to predict criminal patterns. the program crunches the data and then comes up with the math of probability, day of the week and times when crimes are likely to happen. >> you can't constantly say you need more staff or money or you need more whatever it may be. >> the model is a work of santa clara university math professor george muller. he uses the same algorithms seismologists use to predict
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earthquake aftershocks. >> that's amazing. 6:21. one critic says it reached a bo and failure, not a hotel you want to check in. a bay area hotel named one of the dirtiest in the nation. >> there were no serious injuries but most people are saying ouch. we'll tell you about a very costly crash. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ended maxime
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of extra strength tylenol. this is for all you tylenol users out there. johnson & johnson is reducing the recommended maximum daily dose of extra strength tylenol. it's an effort to lower the risk of accidental overdose. they say labels on bottles sold in the u.s. will now list the maximum daily dose as 6 pills, or 3,000 milligrams, instead of 8 pills or 4,000 milligrams a day. an oakland hotel is on a list it does not want to be on. it is the second dirtiest hotel in america. that's according to the reviews on trip advisor website. yes, it's the jack london inn complained about hallways that wreaked of cigarette smoke and body odor and failure about having to buy an air mattress to avoid using the bed and about the parking lot resembling a post apocalyptic junkyard. >> wow. >> that's not a good review. >> horrible reviews. these are actually amazingly creative. >> true. number 2 on the dirtiest hotel.
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so stay away. 6:25. for you car lovers, this next story might breaker heart. >> it might. a pricy pile-up in monaco wrecked a number of luxury cars. a bentley driver caused a crash outside a casino that involved a farrarry, aston martin, mercedes-benz and somewhere in there is a porsche. the least expensive car cost $96,000. the most expensive car there 400 thousand dollars. the guy that's loving this, the auto body repairman in monaco. [ laughter ] >> he just made about a half million dollars probably fixing all those cars. >> no kidding. all the parts and labor. >> that's quite a little pile- up. it is 6:26. what was it like when the giants got to meet president obama? coming up, we'll have former mayor willie brown who was in the crowd at the white house having fun. >> plus clorox is helping a problem plaguing oakland police. >> a shooting investigation under way in the east bay. we'll tell you about that when
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we come back. a 10-year-old murder mystery in the south bay the first hope of solving it in years coming up. ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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plunged on news that the economy barely grew at all i t your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. [ laughter ] well, there you go. that's a live look at the opening bell. wall street has gone to the smurfs. the movie opens today. city hall all lit up in blue.
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the stock futures down, down all week long. there goes the bell. all eyes on the debt crisis. president obama is to address the nation on that issue this morning at 7:20. >> i like how they have papa smurf. he is the most is responsible of the smurfs. >> i'm amazed at your smurf knowledge. >> i grew up with the smurfs. i watched them every saturday morning. good morning. i'm grace lee. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. time now is 6:30. let's get you outside with a little traffic and weather. we'll kick it off with kristy seifkin on what should be a beautiful day. >> it should be, frank. good morning to you. yeah, smurfs would probably like that. i grew up on smurfs so beautiful weather outside this afternoon. pretty mild as you step outside this morning in the 50s for the most part. 56 in vallejo. 57 for fairfield and concord. breaking into the 60s in some locations in redwood city and san jose. warming up nicely for the afternoon. tell you about that in a bit but over to elizabeth with a look at traffic. >> reporter: thank you.
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[ no microphone ] >> reporter: word of a new big rig accident right now on highway 4. check out that long line of slow traffic right now. no longer can we call it "friday light" on highway 4. we have a couple of different incidents on the stretch. we'll tell you all about that plus check mass transit coming up. in the meantime, back to you. 6:31. there is some reason for hope in a silicon valley murder case that's been incomplete for a decade. the victim's body never found the main suspect dead. sharon chin is in campbell to explain how the old evidence could supply some new answers. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. ten years ago this week, jeanine harms was last seen leaving the rock bottom brewery here in campbell. she was never seen again. today there is hope in solving the case. today prosecutors expect a private forensic company to provide test results on a rug that was missing from harms' los gatos home. this test could prove whether
6:32 am
there was a link between the 42- year-old woman and the murder suspect a san jose architect, maurice nasmah. the rug was found in a dumpster a half mile from his home two years after harms' disappearance. prosecutors believe the rug fine, match those found in his jeep. police believe after he met her at the brewery he killed her, wrapped her in the rug and put her in the suv. her body was never found. nasmah was arrested but released in 2007 because of the county crime lab's problem testing finers. the company testing fibers for the company today is known for testing in high-profile cases. even if they connect it, the it suspect is dead after the brother of the victim killed him and then himself. the d.a. will issue a report in a few months. >> thank you, sharon chin with
6:33 am
the latest. 6:32 now. a man is in critical condition at an east bay hospital after he was shot in the chest overnight. the shooting happened on 19th street near adeline street in west oakland about 10:00 last night. oakland police are now trying to determine a motive in the case. it's possibly a robbery but not sure just yet. no arrests and no suspects. three cheers for clorox. they are helping out the oakland police department with a communications problem. the oakland-based company donated $50,000 all to pay for new laptop computer systems for the city's police cars. oakland police department only has six working laptops. the computers will help officers in the field who have problems with radio system failures. the ordeal may soon be over for two uc-berkeley alums in prison in iran. a final hearing is scheduled
6:34 am
sunday in the espionage case against shane bauer and josh fattal. they said they were hiking in neighboring iraq and unknowingly crossed an unmarked border into iran. the men's families are take recent comments by tehran's top prosecutor as a good sign and are now organizing a rally today outside iran's united nations mission in new york. so, grace lee, are you ready for the weekend? >> i'm so ready. can you tell? >> rumor has it it's pretty nice. >> i'm ready for the weekend. clouds along the coastline, sitting over the bay itself. a little clearer inland. this afternoon, though, those temperatures looking good. we are going to be sitting at seasonal for the most part concord and san jose sitting right where we should be for this time year and then just slightly cooler, santa rosa, by 5 degrees. san francisco by only a degree. so great temperatures in store. we'll have a look at whether that weather lasts on our extended forecast in just a little bit but let's go to
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elizabeth with a look at traffic. >> reporter: back out to highway 4, westbound traffic is still really backed up. we have had a couple of earlier incidents those are all cleared but now we are dealing with a new problem spot. westbound 4 approaching somersville. crews are on scene. and they are blocking the right lane. sluggish across the stretch. we were seeing slowing in pittsburg but things have improved now once you get past the antioch exit. central freeway into and out of san francisco, so far, so good from the peninsula but this evening we have critical mass the big bike ride from justin herman plaza at 6:15. heavy traffic around downtown san francisco. that is your traffic. back to you. >> thank you. we are learning more about the deaths of a los gatos man and his son. now police say their deaths may have been a murder-suicide. kcbs radio's matt bigler is on the phone and has the latest
6:36 am
developments. matt, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i'm here on clara street outside los gatos. was here that earlier this week in one of these upscale homes that friends and family found what can only be described as a horrible scene. the bodies of a father and son. they were bloodied. authorities say it was likely a murder-suicide. the victims have not been officially identified but multiple sources say they are 50-year-old ed dow and his 22- year-old son andrew. andrew dow straight a basketball student who went to valley christian high school here in san jose. he went on to the university of san diego. his college career was cut short by cancer. friends say he was on the road to recovery from hodgkin's lymphoma. ed dow was a housing developer for a company. business associates tell the "mercury news" this morning he was an aggressive businessman who pushed his son to succeed. he recently had been having marital problems. i talked to one neighbor here on clara street who said that he saw the sheriff's cars
6:37 am
earlier this week but he was shocked to hear about what may have happened, the suspected murder-suicide, which is still being investigated. that's the latest from here near los gatos. back to you guys. >> thank you, matt bigler. kcbs radio's own, thank you. 6:37. a huge crowd is expected to attend a memorial service this morning for a marin county deputy who died trying to help a friend in a domestic dispute. police are warning of traffic delays at the marin civic center. jim mathiesen was killed by a friend's daughter's ex- boyfriend. he was unarmed and off duty when he tried to stop thomas halloran from making threats. halloran was later killed by the friend's son in a justifiable homicide. 1,000 people are expected to attend happening at 11 a.m. at the marin county veterans memorial auditorium in san rafael. now, there are delays expected as well near north san pedro
6:38 am
road and civic center drive so watch out for that. 6:37. the next decision about gay marriage in california is expected shortly after labor day. the california supreme court plan a hearing september 6 on whether sponsors of proposition 8 have a legal standing in the case. legal standing would allow them to argue before a federal appeals court in favor of the ban on same-sex marriage. now, state officials have refused to challenge last year's federal court ruling against proposition 8. a firefighter has been hurt battling a fire in a building this morning in oakland. anne makovec just arrived on the scene. anne, any idea how it started? >> no. they don't. but luckily, the firefighter that you just mentioned that was injured is going to be okay. it's a minor injury. a small fire started in the old california electric company
6:39 am
here on adeline in oakland. it's an empty warehouse for lease. there is a fence, barbed wire. there was a lot of challenges for firefighters getting in there. so the firefighter that was injured, it happened while he was forcing open a window. minor injuries again. he is going to be okay. once firefighters finally got there past the fence and the barbed wire and the front door that was locked, they had to break some doors and windows, they found a small fire was in the back corner of the building in a mechanical room. there is some machinery in there some compressors. they were able to put that fire out quickly. it is now out. it caused $70,000 of damage depending how much of the machinery was damaged in the fire. quick work by the oakland fire department. they had adeline closed for a couple of hours since this happened around 5:20 this morning. that's since re-opened. they are wrapping up the scene here and all is well besides that $70,000 worth of damage,
6:40 am
which is not insignificant. >> that is a lot of dough but everyone is okay. thank you, anne makovec in oakland. as that debt debate heats up, there is an important financial report out today. coming up, we are going to have the latest reading on the economy. and when the president welcomed the giants to the white house, a former bay area politician witnessed it all. former mare willy brown sharing his experience coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's the start of the weekend. it's going to be a gorgeous one. plenty of warm weather inland. live look outside here at mount vaca. you can see pretty clear there although we are seeing some clouds in other parts of the bay area right now especially at the coastline. dense fog, clouds at the bay. warming up inland this afternoon. mid-80s to low 90s there inland. around the bay temperatures mid- 60s to the low 70s. mostly sunny there. at the coastline, temperatures cooler. we'll see that cloud cover lingering throughout the
6:44 am
afternoon and temperatures there only going to be in the 60s. so area of high pressure still in the picture right now keeps us seasonal. slight chance of showers east. 30% chance of showers and thunderstorms in lake tahoe. no wet weather in the bay area, plenty of warm weather throughout california. 105 in redding, 103 fresno, 64 eureka so quite a bit cooler there. yosemite you can see as well has some chances of seeing showers and thunderstorms later on this afternoon. but dry in the bay area, high of 84. fremont 83 for santa clara 79 for los altos and 76 today as a high in san mateo. over to the east bay we go. 94 a warmer reading for brentwood and antioch. 89 in san leandro and dublin and 77 today in hayward. the city will be seasonal today at 67 degrees. 81 benicia.
6:45 am
82 petaluma. slight cooldown making our way into the weekend and high clouds rolling back n then we continue to cool off slightly by a few degrees for the start of next workweek. that's a look at the forecast. elizabeth has traffic. >> thank you. some of that fog you can see it from the view of our golden gat camera. it's easier to see the bridge this morning. things okay across the span. ongoing roadwork. roadwork ran later than scheduled earlier this morning and things were backing up but again much better this hour. highway 4 through antioch all lanes re-opened. there was an accident with a big rig approaching somersville road. for a while we were seeing red on the traffic sensors. no more. there still may be activity on the shoulder and slow across the stretch anyway. there are still a few brake lights there but better into
6:46 am
pittsburg and all the way into concord. metering lights are on approaching the bay bridge not bad, just to the end of the lot approaching the first overcrossing for the backup. past treasure island and the "s" curve, then speeds improve heading into san francisco on the upper deck. let's check the south bay. milpitas, westbound 237 silicon valley commute, westbound 237 traffic so far looks good. typically in the next 15, 20 minutes we see delays exiting ought eight towards san jose. bridges slight delay approaching the bay bridge toll plaza. no wait at the san mateo bridge. looks great on the span. busy on westbound 92 in the commute direction taking you towards the peninsula. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9-fm. that's your traffic. back to you. >> thank you. 6:46. as you can see, stocks are taking yet another dive in the early going down a buck 41
6:47 am
already. the debt ceiling debate rages on and the government reports economic growth has nearly come to a halt. president obama will speak on that debt crisis in about 30 minutes. now, the economy grew at a much slower pace than anticipated this year. the government just reported that 1st quarter growth was only 4/10ths of 1% and 2nd quarter growth was only 1.3%. both, both were below expectations. their explain we have jill schlesinger, editor at large for i don't know if i can take it but just how bad are these numbers that we're hearing about. >> reporter: well, they weren't good and at least it wasn't contraction but since the recession has "ended," growth has been around 3%. let's put that in perspective. that's half the rate that we have seen in post-war recovery. so this is a very weak recovery. and the level of economic activity is just too slow to promote job growth. part of the reason is consumers are busy paying down their
6:48 am
debt. they are not spending money out in the economy. in fact, consumer spending in the 2nd quarter was the weakest it's been in two years. so companies are not seeing enough demand for goods and services. so they are not hiring. and now what happens is that this becomes a vicious circle. companies are waiting for growth to pick up. people are paying down their debt and we're stuck. >> so let's say lawmakers -- we can only hope they hammer out a deal sometime soon at least before august 2. they finalize the deal. so what impact is that going to have on the economy if get the deal done? >> reporter: you know, what's really interesting is the heart of these plans, there's a call for reduced government spending. right? that's what everybody wants. but let's be clear. take a step back! when the government spends less, it has a negative impact on the economy. the bigger the short-term cuts, the lower the gdp. the reduction in all government spending in this year alone has shaved more than 1% off total growth.
6:49 am
so it's the right thing to do to get your fiscal house in order but it may mean slow growth for a lot longer. >> oh, man. that's not what we need. >> either way, i think we're not winners here. >> jill schlesinger, editor at large for thank you. have a good weekend. >> thank you. earlier this week we told you about the giants visit to the white house. >> yeah. what a night that is. ,day that was. the president gave the world champs a big warm welcome. one man who was there with all those polaris, former san francisco mayor willie brown joined by cbs 5 political insider phil matier. they are live in san francisco. [ yelling ] >> good morning. so tell me a little bit about this, this white house event with the judge. were you there front and center? >> it was fabulous. i had a chair -- right opposite where the president was speaking right in the front row and it was just absolutely perfect to see these young baseball players dressed in
6:50 am
their sunday best go to meeting clothing shoes tied, hair combed. >> that's a first. >> like their grandmothers sent them off to church. it was fabulous. >> what was going on behind the scenes? the cameras were powering up there. but what was going on behind the scenes? >> every politician in the country was trying their best to get themselves positioned so they could be somewhere near a shot with the president, a shot with willie mays, a shot with all these giant investors. it was just -- it was incredible. the number of television cameras, i have never seen as many television cameras anywhere at the national convention or any other place. it was perfect. >> but what was going on that the cameras didn't see? what did you city see that we didn't see? >> what was fun was i had chair one, ed lee had chair 2 and gavin had chair 3. >> gavin newsom. >> right. i overheard gavin newsom leaned over and says, you see what i had to suffer through? [ laughter ]
6:51 am
>> now what i heard, a lot of the people that went back there kids and stuff they took baseballs and -- because they are all looking to try to get president and the giants to sign them. >> yeah. but there is -- you cannot take any kind of an instrument that could replicate a shoe or anything that can be thrown into the white house so all these people with these baseballs some of whom already had signatures of great players on them and what have you, the secret service had a can and when you walked up to the can, you had to drop your baseball into the can. you should have seen that can filled with baseballs. after the ceremony was over you had geese in there trying to find their own ball. it was funny as all hell. i saw a couple of guys in the can who hadn't put any balls in there. [ laughter ] >> okay. one last thing. so what was it darrell steinberg was back there right? the president of the senate? >> everybody back there. i'm telling you, you should have seen, it was like a parade
6:52 am
of ships at fleet week among politicians. [ laughter ] >> who can blame them? >> i don't, either. i can't see it. >> what was i doing there? >> yeah. >> hanging out. [ laughter ] >> you got the invitation. what can i say? >> i'm not a politician -- anymore. [ laughter ] >> talk to you soon, mr. baseball. >> mr. baseball. good stuff. >> another fine day at the white house. >> i listened to it on the radio. you watched the whole thing. >> amazing how much knowledge he had about the giants the president. >> he is a big sports fan and he knew his giants. i think he boned up on it a little bit but willie mays was there all the former mayors were there. >> everyone was there. >> nice guy. it is 6:52 now. a firefighter injured this morning in the east bay. we have the latest ahead in a live report coming up. >> and a bay area cold case mystery could finally be solved a decade after jeanine harms disappeared. the answers that could be provided with a piece of
6:53 am
thread. ,,
6:54 am
6:55 am
switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. fire at a building in oakland. anne makovec is on scene. anne..this fire wasn't easy to get to. a firefighter had minor injuries from battling a fire at a building in oakland. anne makovec is on the scene. it wasn't easy to get to, right? >> reporter: i'm sorry.
6:56 am
we have a very loud motorcycle coming past. >> i said the fire was tough to get to right? >> reporter: it was. that was the problem. you can see that from this building here. you can see the fence outside, barbed wire on top. there were several doors that were locked that firefighters in to get through. they said it was a real challenge to get into this warehouse and that is how one of the firefighters injured his hand. they had to force open windows and break some of the locks on doors to get in. when it they finally got in, there was a small fire in the back corner in a mechanical room of the building. there was a lot of machinery in there, compressor, things like that. that is why firefighters think that this whole fire caused about $70,000 worth of damage. it's not intentional but they don't know the cause. you can see first packing up and the fire is out. that injured firefighter minor
6:57 am
injuries expected to recov fully. back to you. >> thank you. a vigil tonight for a good samaritan shot while feeding the homeless. paris powell known to people as brother john died from his injuries yesterday morning. he was handing out hot meals early wednesday when someone drove by and shot inside the van. powell was hit in the head. his 3-year-old stepdaughter was shot in the arm and a bullet grazed his pregnant wife. they are expected to be okay. also today santa clara county prosecutors are expected to get some test results from a private company. this is in a 10-year-old. >> jean harms murder case. a private lab is determining whether there is a connection between the fibers on a rug. let's check traffic and weather. it's going to look good today. beautiful sunshine in those inland spots, temperatures
6:58 am
sitting in the seasonal range, so a great weekend to enjoy outdoor activities. so today temperatures in the inland spots mid-90s. saturday and sunday, cooling down. clouds roll in and slight cooling into monday, tuesday and wednesday. but only by afew degrees. so beautiful weekend to go to the stern grove festival. san francisco ballet performing there this weekend. a little cooler. going to be 61. so be sure to take a jacket with you if you heading there. we are getting word of what sounds like a serious accident in the south bay. northbound 280 approaching saratoga, there was just reported a motorcycle accident apparently blocking lanes. it appears that the motorcycle rider is injured. we are going to show you a live look as traffic in the area where yeah it is starting to back up now heading out of downtown san jose. so again this is northbound 280 before saratoga. there is a motorcycle accident there blocking lanes and traffic is backing up behind it. let's talk about some fun stuff. what's going on this weekend, including the kid rock sheryl
6:59 am
crow concert 7:00 at shoreline amphitheater so yeah, expect some delays there. gilroy garlic festival so heavy traffic on 101 to gilroy and big race weekend at infineon so delays on 121, highway 37, critical mass bike ride, i could keep going. >> it's a wrap. >> thanks, liz. fair fans will be asked the all-important question, you want fries with that doughnut? the doughnut burger is part of the new food line-up at the new york state fair. a syracuse bakery will make the buns in the big kahuna doughnut burger. it will look like a krispy kreme doughnut cheeseburger from this year's ohio state fair. they grill a glazed doughnut and add a quarter pounder burger, onions, pickles, it's a caloric juggernaut. >> at least you're getting your vegetables. >> so the president is going to speak about the debt ceiling at 7:25 on

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